Day 37: Biking 20 hours to Shigatse - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate

So Yesterday I pushbiked away from Lhasa on my new bicycle :) and now I have reached Shigatse - in the middle of Tibet. The road was hard and lonely as I was driving through all night. Some youngsters on my way throw stones on me and I realized how hard it was to push bike when I had to drive faster than they can run. 

I have not slept all night and not have the power to write much. In general that what I'm doing now is also illegal even if I have permits - as accordingly to the law in this territory I have to have a guide all the time with me.

Just that half road was a real off-road. I illegally passed by 9! Checkpoints!:) And now staying in some cheap hotel. I can't feel my legs. I have not got off the bike for about 20 hours! And made about 270 km. Trying to look more like Chinese to pass borders!:)