Day 58: S. Padhur, India - 108 Days Across Eurasia by Martins Ate

When I left Europe, my friend Dr. Eric Beeth from Brussels, told me that I should not be worried that I'm going without money in this trip. As he told according to his experience: 1) a trip like this usually brings more money in and 2) real starts when money ends. Today is a first day of my new life.

At least this is what I'm telling to myself and what I believe in. I was wearing all my rings today I bought in Nepal: beautiful small pearl, dark brown smoky topaz, small blue sapphire, not very clear and shiny, but still - beautiful dark red ruby and my favorite - amazing emerald in green color. And I have to admit - the Doc. was so right about what he said! All these stones I would probably never bought in Europe -and most of all - wear them. But here - I can wear them and feel comfortable with them. It's not about the stones - it's about the qualities they contain and pass to their owner.

Different stone has a different character. And they are acting like a small friends and if used in a right way. I know a doctor who is even healing people from HIV using his own method of healing with precious and semi-precious stones. So I've gained stones from my trip!:)

I waked up early today and went to the same temple I was into yesterday to continue magic rituals called homas. Basically I spent whole day there as when I came back I was to tired to do anything else.

I went to the internet cafe and was sorting out videos and pictures from the trip and uploading bet of them on picasa and YouTube. So now it is possible to view some more videos from trip at my youtube profile:

As I'm making my notes into the phone and there are some problems with wi-fi in this city I have not uploaded any posts to my blog, but I'm really hoping to do it soon.

Generally nice day. The rest of the evening I spent on preparing myself for a China where I'm going in about one month. And then just knocked out in a bed...:)