Relish AI is software you hire to do sales & support when you are offline

Business automation software company Relish AI announced the launch of its new AI-powered chatbot, Relish. Relish is a software platform that automates sales and customer support. This software is unique in that it is not just a tool that businesses use to automate interactions with customers but also provides instant answers for product.

When a company is hiring for a sales and customer support role, automation is the way to go. Not only does it save time, but it also frees up the customer support team members to focus on other tasks. Relish AI is a chatbot software that can be deployed on your website or customer app.

Businesses today have more demands on them than ever before, and the time and resources to reach those demands are limited. Automating your sales and customer support is the best way to free up time and resources to grow your business. Software such as Relish AI is the best way to automate your sales and customer support. Relish AI is an AI chatbot that provides the perfect customer experience on the platform in real time. The software is the perfect automation tool for businesses to scale their operations with ease.


Turn Conversations Into Sales

馃敻Assist In Product Discovery (Conversational Searching)

馃敼Instant Answers for Product FAQ's 

馃敻Recover Abandon Carts

馃敼Cross Selling & Up Selling

馃敻Conversational Campaigns - Automate Your Support When You are Not Available 

馃敼Assist In Returns, Exchanges, & Cancellations 

馃敻Instant Answers for Brand Information 



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