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Hello Bar is the best WordPress plugin for getting Facebook likes, we know because we've tried them all. The reason is that we've tried them all, and Hello Bar is the best. The best part is that Hello Bar comes with a free plan. 

It's easy to set up and start getting likes in minutes. It only takes a few minutes to add Hello Bar to your WordPress website and start collecting likes. For those who want more than just likes and want to add some extra features, they can upgrade to our paid plan. With that plan, they can add lead magnets, show sales announcements, do surveys, and much more.

Hello Bar converts visitors into customers with a simple, customizable and affordable system that focuses on getting you marketing results without the hassle of creating your own content. Show your visitors how they can earn a commission by sharing your affiliate links with Facebook, and then watch as your site becomes more popular than ever.

Convert 83% More
Visitors into Leads, Subscribers, & Buyers

✔️ Bars, Modals, Sliders — beautifully designed popups for your site.
Easy to use. Fully customizable. Highly effective.

✔️ Advanced Targeting — target messages to users for maximum impact. Precisely target by device, location, visit, page, and more.

✔️ Easy to Use — 1-click installation. No code.
WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, & 17 more.



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